A&B Asrem Pty. Ltd. has also been featured on several media outlets including 774 ABC radio, providing expert commentary on asbestos removal.

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Welcome all to A&B ASREM Pty. Ltd. the leading professionals in asbestos services throughout Melbourne.

Our expertise in handling each project individually and with due diligence, ensuring a high level of safety for all our clients, has made us one of the best and most respected asbestos removalists.

When should you contact A&B Asrem Asbestos Removal?

1) When you suspect that your house might contain the dangerous fibre embedded in the walls.
2) When you want to conduct a routine checkup to ensure that your house is asbestos free.
3) When you’re buying, selling or hiring out a property. You don’t want it to filled with asbestos when you purchase it.

With over 20 years of asbestos removal and asbestos disposal experience, we understand the risks and the expectations when it comes to removing dangerous asbestos-filled materials. We are efficient and careful to dispose of all infected materials without affecting our clients.

We understand that the high cost of removing asbestos can be a turnoff for many residents and business owners. That’s why A&B ASREM’s cost of asbestos removal services are affordable and competitive, so that anyone, anywhere can call upon our asbestos services.

When you contact us, our highly qualified staff will arrive at your location, and will check and analyse your building for the presence of asbestos. We are able to detect and remove asbestos or asbestos-growing materials, so that you and your family, work colleagues and so forth, are safe in future.

As we are licensed by WorkSafe, we are a professionally licensed asbestos removalist, asbestos disposal and asbestos testing company.

Regardless of the size of the project, and thanks to our affordable asbestos removal costs, here at A&B ASREM Pty. Ltd. we can effectively clean, remove and dispose all dangerous asbestos for you. Contact us today!

Why should you choose A&B Asrem?


1) Over 20 years of asbestos removal and asbestos disposal experience.
2) Fully professional and secure removalist specialists.
3) Experienced enough to understand the risks and the expectations when it comes to removing dangerous asbestos-filled materials.
4) Effective and efficient to dispose of all infected materials without affecting our clients, their lifestyle or their workplace.
5) Can work on any property, including residential, commercial or industrial.
6) Can handle any project, large or small.
7) Affordable and competitive rates so that all our clients, from residents to commercial properties can hire our services.
8) Licensed by WorkSafe

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    Ronda Green

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    Rob from Forrest Hill

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